Silliness with the Guinea Pigs

Thanksgiving Dinner

For Thanksgiving 2003, I figured that the Herd deserved a treat, too. However, guinea pigs are strictly herbivores, so turkey isn't a popular entre for them. So I made a turkey out of an apple and two bits of carrot. It doesn't look too bad, and the Herd loved it. I let Pallas eat with the sows (under close supervision) this time, but because he is now seen (or smelled) as an outsider, this didn't work very well. So in the end, they ate in shifts. True to form, Tea approached the new thing fairly quickly, and thus probably ate more of the "bird" than anyone else. Pallas was timid, but not overly so, in approaching the "turkey." He ate quite a bit, too. However, when it was his turn alone, he grabbed the "turkey" and dragged it about 10 cm across the floor to just outside of his hiding place. Metis only approached the Strange Thing cautiously. Even then, she grabbed a "wing" off of the "bird" and ran back to the hiding place to eat it.

The Turkey The Turkey again
The turkey before the Herd got to eat it. The turkey from a different angle
Turkey yet again Tea Approachs the Turkey
The turkey yet again. Tea approaches the turkey, trying to figure out what it is.
Tea eats while Pallas sneak up Tea and Pallas both nibbling
Tea eats while Pallas appraoches the turkey (and Tea) carefully Tea ad Pallas feasting. (Note: Yes, they are chaperoned.)
Metis Cautiously Approaches Metis tries to Figure It Out
While Tea munches, Metis cautiously approaches the Strange Thing Metis tries to work out what the Strange Thing is.
Metis Grabbed a Wing and Ran Off with it Pallas's Turn
Metis snatched off a wing and ran off with it, eating it in safety Pallas's turn to approach the Strange Thing
Pallas Moves the Turkey Pallas Finds the Wing
Pallas actiualy dragged the turkey partway across the floor so it was nearer his hiding place. Pallas discovers the wing.
Pallas Eating Pallas Taking a Bit
Pallas munching away Pallas taking a bite.

Cavy Cozies

These are actually their Christmas present, they only just got to play with them. They're like little sleeping bags for piggies.

Metis in a cozy Pigs in a blanket
Metis snuggled in Metis and Pallas both snuggled in cozily


Some shots of the pigs in action, or in inaction. Note that for the first set, the pigs had just found the planter with clover on the porch. This became their free-range salad, although it was a bit of a stretch for the pigs to reach.

Tea eaing clover Mneme eating clover
Tea stretchs up to get to the tasty clover Mneme manages to get at the clover
Who, me?  Eat clover? Lazy piggies
Pallas, caught in the act Four of the five are napping while Tea eats. Sounds like Thanksgiving Day to me!

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