Guinea Pig Pictures

These are my little girls, Adrestea ("Tea") and Metis. Tea was born near the end of April and Metis is about a month younger than that.

Just Tea

I got Tea at the end of May 2003, so she was a lonely piggy for a while.

Tea Standing on Her Supper Dish Tea Peeking Out of Her Little House
This is an early picture of Tea perched on her food dish. Another early picture of Tea, this time from inside her shoebox house.
Tea Hiding Tea Asleep
Tea hiding in a box during her floor time in the kitchen. Tea asleep in her cage.
Tea All Wet After a Bath
After her first bath. Tea does not like getting wet.

Metis Arrives

Metis joined Tea in mid-July 2003. The two are still arguing a bit about who is top-pig.

Metis Upon Her Arrival Tea Meeting Metis
Metis arrives in the new, bigger cage. Tea meeting Metis. Either that, or trying to chase her around the cage.
Metis Hiding During Floortime Metis Still Hiding: She's Shy
Metis tring to hide. Metis still trying to hide. Guess who's shy?
Metis Hiding Yet Again, in an Egg Carton Tea and Metis Both Hiding
Metis hiding in an egg carton. Both girls trying to hide.

Playing About

To keep them happy, I bought the pigs a wooden house for their cage. I also picked up some 4-inch PVC pipes and a couple joints. Now they have tunnels to play in during floor time.

Tea in a Tunnel Metis in a Tunnel
Tea trying to dart out of a tunnel long enough to grab a tasty bit of apple. Metis hiding in a tunnel.
Tea on Top of the House Metis, all hunkered down
Tea has discovered that she can hop up onto their house. She likes it up there. Metis, comfy in the cage.
Metis, with a treat. Tea, trying to get a treat.
Metis with a tasty treat during floor time. Tea knows that the treat is up there, but how to get at it? (And will she remember the picture above, showing that she can hop onto the roof?)
Both girls, meeting around the tunnels.
Both pigs, meeting around the tunnels during floor time.

Mneme Arrives

Mneme was adopted from the Boulder Humane Society in June 2005.

Mneme, after a bath Mneme, looking cute
Mneme, after her first bath Mneme, looking cute. Note he mark on her back
Mneme, sitting in the hay bowl during floortime Mneme and Metis
Mneme, sitting in a hay bowl. Not much else to say... Mneme and Metis, meeting
Mneme, meeting the others
Mneme meets the other pigs.

Nestor and Puck

Having built the piggy mansion that is the big cage, the smaller-but-still-big cage was free. What to do with it? There are a lot of unadopted boars at the Humane Society... why not adopt a couple of those little guys, since they have trouble finding homes? And so I did.

Meet Nestor and Puck. Nestor is 5 years old and is a kind of slow. He clearly has some textel in him since his hair is rather wirey. But he's a friendly boy who likes to be held.

Puck is smaller, grey with red eyes, and looks mischievious. And it probably is. But he's cute and sweet, too.

Puck Nestor (back) and Puck (foreground)
Puck Nestor (back) and Puck (foreground)

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