Pictures of Me

There seems to be a habit on the web of posting pictures of yourself. I resisted this for quite a while, but I appear to have succumbed to it. I suppose it is sometimes rather nice to see what a person actually looks like. (Although one of the nice things about the internet is that you can talk to people without that encumbering you. Like with all things, it cuts both ways.)

My Looking Doofy Me Grinning at the Camera
Doofy picture of me I took while testing out a new CCD camera at Carleton during the summer of 1997. Me, grinning my fool head off at the same camera
Me at the Bottom of Meteor Crater Me Looking Out Over the Pacific
Me deep in Barringer Crater (aka Meteor Crater) in Arizona. Quite a hike in and out, but it's also very cool. Me at the Pacific Ocean the morning of my cousin Misty's wedding.
Angela and I at the Pacific Coast in Northern California Some Odd Signs in Northern California
Angela and I in front of the Pacific. This is in Northern California. These signs together disturb me.
Me in my doctoral regalia. My hood.
Me, in my doctoral regalia. Pretty sharp, eh? My doctoral hood. Hey, arranging that thing yourself is *hard*. Let me brag a bit?

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