Chiana and the Guinea Pigs

Chiana was chosen partly based on her reaction to guinea pigs at the shelter (the shelter volunteers and I did a little test). In effect, she thinks that they're entertaining, but she'd rather be petted . Or napping. Or pretty much anything else. I've accidently left the big cage open all day and she didn't even get inside. Good cat, tat.

However, she seems more interested in the pigs when they're running around on the floor. Look.

Meeting Chiana cleans Puck
Meeting between the two gray critters Chiana cleans Puck (note: you don't see Puck run away)
No idea what she's doing Puck sniff Chiana
No clue, but Puck doesn't seem worried Puck sniff Chiana good
Caliban (cautiosly) sniff Chi Chiana stands in their food
Caliban cautiously sniff Chiana Chiana steps in their food, but doesn't seem to care

Yes, that's right, she's cleaning Puck. He hates it, for the record. On the other hand, he keeps going back to try to get a good smell of Chiana (being a differently-sighted pig and all). Now mind you, Caliban is generally terified of Chi. Puck? Boy has no fear of her. And she cleans him. I think she thinks he's a funny-looking kitten.

By the way, yes, she has a harness and leash on. She was, at first, very unhappy with the harness, but over the past few weeks (wearing it for around and hour every other day), she's come to accept it pretty well. She no longer struggles when I put it on her and she doesn't spend the duration trying to rid herself of it. The purpose is probably obvious: I'm still not 100% ready to trust her totally with the pigs on the floor.

Chiana and Caliban

A few days ago (14 July 2008) I was holding Caliban. Chiana seemed curious, so I brought he (cautiously) down to her eye-level. She flopped down on the floor, looking cute, so I put Caliban on the floor next to her.

No sure what to make of him Sniff-sniff
No, she's not batting at him. She's cautiously reaching out to feel him. Really. Giving Caliban a good smell.
Both trying to figure eachother out Chi looks extra cute
Both animals trying to figure out what to make of each other. Chi did this twice. She's very good at getting attention. Caliban is just confused.

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