Meet Chiana. Chiana is a grey tabby short-haired cat, born sometime aroudn summer of 2005. She's just about the mellowest, sweetest cat you've ever met, except when her fishpole toy appears. (Then she goes absolutely insane for it.)


Chiana was adopted in a two-step process. The first week I visited around ten cats at Longmont Humane Society. The cats were pre-select from the cats on their website so I went in knowing which cats to visit. The goal of the first trip to was to meet the cats and get a sense of how well we'd get along and maybe how they'd react to the guinea pigs. (A calmer cat was sought for that requirement.)

There were many great cats, but Chiana stood right out. She was the first cat I visited and she curled right up on my lap. When I went to put her down at the end of the visit, she hopped right back up into my lap before I could stop her. She's a born lap cat. (Funny thing is, she doesn't like most strangers, but she took right to me.)

There were lots of wonderful cats at LHS, by the way. If you're in the area and looking for a cat, please visit them. They'll take good care of you and are very accomodating.

The second visit was more specific: starting at the top of my short list of cats, I needed to do a test with a guinea pig to see if the cat would be too excited to stalk or pounce the pig. (It was also six days later and I had spent a nervous week waiting to go back, hoping she didn't get adopted out before I had a chance.) Chiana was at the top of the list already, so we started with her. LHS let me use one of their pigs at the shelter for the test. (He was handsomely rewarded with carrots and other treats. We put the pig (in cage) down on the floor and let Chiana check it out. She gave it a short examination, and then wandered back to the humans to rub against our legs and look for scritches.

Having been satisfied so far, we let the cavy out of the cage and then we let Chiana explore again. Again, she showed mild interested, but was more intrigued by the humans. She was the last cat I tested as well as the first, I had a winner.

Coming Home

After going through all of the various paper work, the short interview (with me, to make sure I'm a suitable owner and all that), and paying the adoption fee (paid by Kisha as a Christmas gift to me), I got Chiana home. Here are her first pictures. Yes, she's in the litterbox. She was hiding, but it's a good photo of her.

Chiana, hiding Chiana, hiding and peeved
Chiana hiding in her litterbox Chiana doesn't look quite as happy...
Exploring Looking for a lap
Exploring the room Seeking out a lap and scritches

Of course, Chiana wasn't called Chiana when she was at the shelter. She was "Precious" then, but there was almost no way I was going with that name. (Luckily, Chi didn't seem too attached to it.) I gave her a few days to figure out what name suited her. Originall, I was leaning towards "Zhaan" because of her very calm attitude. But it became apparent that she's a total cuddle-slut, so "Chiana" was obviously a better choice. (Also, she's grey, so that helps. But really, it wasn't the primary reason I went with that name.)


Of course she likes her catnip. She gets a kinda loopy with it and a lot more playful.

Playing with her post Stuck to the post
Chiana likes the post now (and she's talkative) And now her claws are stuck on the post
Playing with the ball Waving her paws in the air like she just don't care
Ordinarily, she doesn't play with this toy at all Presumably fighting an invisible monster. Or something

Chiana Gets Stuck in a Box

The title pretty much says it all: Chiana fell through the top flaps of this box (half-full of the pigs' hay) and couldn't get back out since the flaps closed behind her. She tried to sneak out through the handle-hole, but she's too big. I freed her, of course, but not before snapping pictures.

Peering out Trying to escape
Chiana peers out of the box Chiana tries to squeeze out
Trying it another way
Chiana tries a different way to squeeze out (a different-same way, anyway)

More Fun with Boxes

Chi loves her boxes. Seriously, it's her most reliably favorite toy. (Happily, also cheapest.) A few more pics...

Watching the world from her fort Leaping out
Chiana watches the world from her cardboard fortress Chiana springs into (in)action and out of her box

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