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HTML Primer

The HTML primer that I learned off of long, long ago was The NSCA Primer. I still think that it's good.

World Wide Web Consortium

The W3C is brings us good things, web-wise. Bookmark this site. Also, you might want to bookmark the HTML 4.01 Specifications and the CSS 2 Specifications.

Also useful are the HTML Validator and the CSS Validator.

There is also a nice list of character entities availible.


Here's a beginner's guide to Javascript. Also, Javascript according to Netscape (who created it). If you want a good book to get started, I recommend the Visual Quickstart Guide to Javascript by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. The O'Reilly book is a bit heavy for most needs.

O'Reilly Books

Which brings me to O'Reilly's vast, vast collection of books that might be useful.

There is a lot more there on just web design/programming alone. Not to mention the plethora of books on Perl, which has plenty of web-oriented uses.

John Weiss