Exercises 2

Here are more exercises. Please note the first one is a sort of an assignment. Also, you might want to make a subdirectory in your website for playing around. I call mine Test/, but what you call yours is up to you. It's handy to have a place to play without cluttering up your main directory with files.

  1. Over the next two weeks, pay attention to websites you visit (for whatever reason) and please make a short list of some good and bad websites. Before the next session, please email me your compiled list. We'll critique the websites then.
  2. Let's go back and play with colors again. (You make want to do with with a test page again. If you do, just make sure that you include some normal-sized text.) Choose a background color and then play with your font colors. Which colors work well and which ones don't? Try some different background colors and repeat. Which background colors allow the most range of text colors?

Weiss John