Provisional and Final Names of Saturn's Moons

When a new moon is discovered, it gets a provisional name: S/YYYY PN, where the "S" stands for "satellite", YYYY is the year, P is the planet's first letter (no idea what they'll do for Mercury should it actually have a moon, so don't ask), and N tells you which moon it is discovered that year. So, for example, S/2005 S1 is the first moon of Saturn discovered in 2005. (This is also Daphnis.)

Later, after some discussion of possible names and verification that the object is real and a moon, a "real" name is chosen. that's the name what we ever after call the body, but there are quite often a slew of papers written before the moon is named. It's very annoying (and not a little frustrating) to read such papers much later when the provisional names are almost forgotten. Hence this page: I've arranged the moons of Saturn in order by the provisional name to make it easy to come up with the real name that you know and love today. This is especially useful for the moons discovered by Voyager, but it'll probably start to be useful for the current torrent of discoveries soon enough. Enjoy!

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Provisional NameIAU Accepted Name
S/1980 S1Janus
S/1980 S3Epimetheus
S/1980 S6Helene
S/1980 S13Telesto
S/1980 S25Calypso
S/1980 S26Pandora
S/1980 S27Prometheus
S/1980 S28Atlas
S/1981 S13Pan
S/2000 S1Ymir
S/2000 S2Paaliaq
S/2000 S3Siarnaq
S/2000 S4Tarvos
S/2000 S5Kiviuq
S/2000 S6Ijiraq
S/2000 S7Thrymr
S/2000 S8Skathi
S/2000 S9Mundilfari
S/2000 S10Erriapo
S/2000 S11Albiorix
S/2000 S12Suttungr
S/2003 S1Narvi
S/2004 S1Methone
S/2004 S2Pallene
S/2004 S5Polydeuces
S/2004 S7?
S/2004 S8Fornjot
S/2004 S9Farbauti
S/2004 S10Aegir
S/2004 S11Bebhionn
S/2004 S12?
S/2004 S13?
S/2004 S14Hati
S/2004 S15Bergelmir
S/2004 S16Fenrir
S/2004 S17?
S/2004 S18Bestla
S/2004 S19Hyrrokkin
S/2005 S1Daphnis
S/2006 S1?
S/2006 S2Kari
S/2006 S3?
S/2006 S4Greip
S/2006 S5Loge
S/2006 S6Jarnsaxa
S/2006 S7Surtur
S/2006 S8Skoll
S/2007 S1Tarqeq
S/2007 S2?
S/2007 S3?
S/2007 S4Anthe

A "?" in the name column indicates that the satellite is (as far as I know) unnamed at present.

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