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Office Hours:
Monday 2:50-3:50 PM
Tuesday1-2 PM
Thursday3-4 PM
Office: Duane Hall, D-1B31
(Go west from the lecture hall, going through 2 sets of double doors. There is a "Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics" sign hanging from the ceiling; go left here. Follow the hall around, my name is on my office door. I'm in the back corner of the office.)
Phone: (303)-492-7902
Web Page http://bogart.colorado.edu/~weissj/Labs/lab.html

Welcome to labs this term. In lab, we will be exploring concepts from class in greater depth. Our goal is to give you a chance to get some hands-on experience with topics ranging from the size of the solar system, to Kepler's laws to planetary temperatures.

Each lab will consist of two components. First, we'll discuss the concepts related to the lab and I'll go over the lab will you. Then you'll actually do the lab, with me moving around the room to help you and to make sure you're on the right track. I'll also serve as the grader for your labs.

My Expectations of You

What You Can Expect of Me

In turn, you should expect the following of me:

Questions, Office Hours, Etc

I cannot over-encourage you to make use of my office hours. I am here to help you, both with the labs and with the course itself. And I can honestly say that no student has ever done poorly when s/he made office hours regularly. So come and see me! You may always make an appointment if you need to find me and office hours don't work.

By the way, you can find my schedule at You can find my schedule at http://bogart.colorado.edu/~weissj/whereami.html.


We will be doing 12 day labs this term, as well as holding 6 night lab sessions. You are required to do 2 night labs. We will drop your lowest day lab score, making your final lab grades out of 13 labs total. There are actually 4 night lab exercises you can do.

Remember, you must pass the lab to pass the course!

Each lab will have a grade out of 10 points. See The Lab Write-Up Requirements for details of how I grade labs.

Labs write-ups will be due the next lab session. Usually, this will be one week later (the exception is for spring break). Labs are due by 20 minutes into the lab session. After that, they are late. You will lose one point (of ten) for each 24 hours late. Labs that are more than one week late will not be accepted.

Night Sessions

We will have 6 night labs this term. You must do 2 night lab exercises. They can be done on the same night or different nights. However, you should start early in the term. If we have clear nights at the start of the term and cloudy nights later, there will be no make-up sessions. If you didn't go, you're out of luck.

Of course, weather can impede our observing. If you are wondering if we'll be observing or not, call 492-2020 (the observing deck) and ask. I'll be up there for the first 15 minutes even if it is cloudy.

Before coming to each night lab, read the lab manual. I have put additional directions for the night labs on the lab web site.

Night sessions for Section 114
Night sessions for Section 118

John W Weiss
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