Astro 1010, Lab 114(Wed. 1-3 pm)

TA: John Weiss

Office hours: †††††† 1:30-2:30 Tues.

10:30-11:30 Weds

Or by appointment.

Office: Duane, D-1B31

Phone: (303)-492-7902


Web Page:



††††††††††† To make this a fulfilling and fun learning experience, I ask the following:


What You Can Expect of MeÖ

††††††††††† In turn, I will:


Questions, Office Hours, etc.

††††††† I encourage you to come to my office hours if you have any questions about the labs.You are also welcomed to come with questions about the course, even if they are not specific to the lab (homework, quizzes or material from the lecture).If my office hours are not convenient, please get in touch with me (email is best) and we can arrange a time to meet.You can find my availability at

††††††††††† Remember, Iím here to help you learn.So ask questions, both in and out of lab!Thatís why Iím here!



††††††††††† There will be 12 day-labs (during the Wednesday 1-3 meeting time) and 4 night-lab sessions.You must turn in 12 labs, at least one of which must be a night lab.†† Your grade will be out of 12 labs, so if you do more than 12 labs, I will take your 12 best scores.Thus, it is in your interest to do as many labs as you can to maximize your grade.


Lab Reports


Night Sessions

††††††††††††††† There will be five night sessions.Remember, you must do at least ONE night lab.

††††††††††† Wed. Sept 12 ††††††††††† 8:30-10:00pm

††††††††††† Tues. Sept 25 ††††††††††† 9:30-11:00pm

††††††††††† Thurs. Oct. 18 ††††††††††† 7:30-9:00pm

††††††††††† Thurs. Nov 1 †† 8:00-9:30pm

††††††††††† Mon. Dec 3 †† 6:30-8:00pm

††††††††††† Start attending night-labs early.If you put them off, youíll likely be clouded out.†† If there are 3 clear nights at the start of the semester and the last two are cloudy and you put the night labs off, youíre out of luck.Besides, the observatory is much warmer at the beginning of the term than at the end!

If you donít know if we will be observing, call the observing deck at 492-2020.